Here are our areas of work.

State and Local Government Engagement

NEW: Public Leaders Council

We’re launching a first of its kind leadership development program to support officials in local government engaged in the important work of building inclusive communities and challenging bigotry.  Apply by March 8, 2019.

America Indivisible briefing to the National Governor's Association, July 2017.

America Indivisible briefing to the National Governor's Association, July 2017.

Briefings and Roundtables

We support officials in municipal, county, and state government with engaging members of local Muslim communities and those who appear to be Muslim from Arab, Black, Sikh, South Asian American, and other bigotry impacted communities to ensure that they understand those communities’ needs.

Individual and COmmunity Empowerment

Digital Guides

We are building toolkits for individuals and communities to better engage locally with neighbors, coworkers, and other local groups. 

Civic Health Workshops

We equip bigotry impacted communities with resources and opportunities to assess and grow their civic health while deepening engagement with their local governments.

Public Campaigns

Living Room Conversations

Join us on April 13, 2019 for nationwide conversations on the topic of “Reckoning with Jefferson: A Nationwide Conversation on Race, Religion, and the America We Want to Be”

Network Building

We are building a roster of local and national influencers who will participate in our local meetings, town halls, and other public relations campaigns to reinforce our shared American values of equality, inclusion, and strength through diversity.